Recommended Readings: The Politics of International Development Pt.2

The Progressive Corner will be releasing weekly material related to a particular topic within the Social Sciences.

This weeks Progressive Series features readings discussing the  Politics of International Development , from Samir Amin, Yusuf Bangura , Lovemore Chipungu and Hope Magidimisha.  All three readings touch on various aspects of the developmental paradigm descriptive and normative implications for post-colonial societies trying to engage with societal restructuring.

We hope you find the below recommendations useful

Bangura, Y., 2006. Ethnic inequalities in the public sector: A comparative analysis. Development and Change37(2)

Chipungu, L. and H. Magidimisha. 2015. Governance for Development in Africa: Solving Collective Action Problems. African Affairs

Amin, S. 1976. Unequal Development: An Essay on the Social Formations of Peripheral Capitalism. New York : Monthly Review Press