The IFAA Critical Review 2017

The latest issue of the IFAA Critical Review is now available online. Follow this link for the pdf. Physical copies are available for free at IFAA Events.

Critical Review Editorial

The Institute for African Alternatives (IFAA) Student and Youth Department was initiated in 2015 in response to an observed paucity of critical engagement in social and economic theory by contemporary South African students and youth. Developing out of the first small steps is a now thriving youth department within our institute with its own research outputs and activities including publishing, hosting of conference and events, reading groups and community courses.

The IFAA forum is the central pillar of the IFAA Student and Youth department and provides a platform for the discussion and deepening of knowledge of progressive political and social theory among South African university students. The IFAA Forum also takes dialogue beyond its merely discursive dimension and towards addressing structural inequalities, social disadvantage and poverty. The forum aims to connect local progressive postgraduate students in a community of scholars, based on ideals of peer-learning and mutual support, whilst also seeking to democratise academic knowledge.

Our forums encourage interdisciplinary engagement on current socioeconomic and political issues, and attempt to instil a culture of intellectual rigour and academic collaboration amongst those destined to influence popular discourse within and outside the academy. Postgraduate students, young academics and social activists are invited to deliver presentations that are open to the public to attend.

The IFAA Critical Review is an annual volume comprised of essays presented at the IFAA forum as well as papers written by the broader IFAA network. In this edition we publish articles that interrogate themes and topics related to decolonisation and educational justice, Pan-Africanism, economic policy, the intersection between literature and politics, and the philosophy of race.
We hope that this publication will serve as a useful companion guide for those interested in contemporary social and political issues experienced by South Africa and the African continent as a whole. It is our contention that only through honest dialogue and inquiry will we have the apparatus to interrogate, and change, the current social and economic impasse in which we find ourselves.

IFAA is grateful for the generous financial support from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. Their continued support for the Student and Youth Department has been crucial to the development of a strong cohort of scholars and activists able to interrogate social and economic issues in South Africa. Additionally, we thank the contributing writers for their willingness to share their ideas and engage with a wide audience, both in their presentations at the monthly forums, and their accompanying papers that have been printed in this Critical Review 2017.
Cape Town, South Africa, December 2017

Contents Page

Decolonisation, Science and Postmodernism | 2-17
By Michael Nassen Smith
Bourdieu on the Barricades: Understanding the Symbolic
Violence of Education Institutions in 21st Century
Post-Apartheid South Africa | 18-26
By Sara Muller
Radical Democracy and Educational Experiments:
From Rojava to Rio de Janeiro | 27-33
By Josh Platzky Miller
Thought and Reflections on Estrangement | 34-38
By Zimpande Kawanu
Decolonisation as Internal Revolution of Thought
among Individuals in British West Africa | 39-48
By Kweku Yakubu
On African Socialism | 49-54
By ’Manapo ’Mokose
Sobukwe and the Questions of Violence,
Non-Racialism and the Economy | 55-59
By Rekang Jankie
Economic Policy since the Transition: Socially-Oriented
to Market-Oriented | 60-71
By Zunaid Moolla
Interrogating the Concept of “White Privilege” | 72-81
By Shaun Stanley